Summaries Overview

These are succinct summaries of each title evaluated. They are meant to give a small taste of what our output for this extensive, detailed evaluation will look like. These summaries will focus on our analysis for the following areas: presence, embodiment, narrative, physiological & affect responses, and interactions (including signifiers, feedback, constraights, and interfaces).

These sample summaries do not currently look into other design patterns, such as navigation, nor does it include any cross analysis between different titles within or between different categories.

Each summary also includes a link to the associated persona and the test case used to drive the task and goals for each evaluator. The test case  is a specific set of actions, tasks and goals unique to the title and related to the core experience. Tasks are developed to help evaluators focus their exploration using a unified set of goals. This is our way of providing direction to factor for consistency, while also encouraging some level of discovery.