Study Introduction

Our goal is to identify, catalog, and quantify immersive VR interaction design patterns. This research set out to create a guide that any creator, designer, developer and/or team could easily utilize to make informed decisions on the interactions within their VR experience. To establish this public library of VR design we needed to create an evaluation that could:

1. Identify & categorize meaningful interaction patterns  
2. Evaluate experiences on attributes that could enhance the overall experience such as presence, immersion, and inclusivity
3. Map functionality on input devices to assess established consistency across the industry and across categories

Note that this research is still in progress as we continue to collect more data. The findings you will see within the following pages are only a sample of final results to provide context into our thought process, methodology, framework and goals of the study.

ISMAR 2022 Presenters
Rob Dongas    Suzan Oslin    Marina Roselli    Ke Wang    Andrius Leon-Geyer PhD    Christian Beyle PhD

Additional Researchers
Lissa Aguilar    Hassan Anifowose    Dave Birnbuam    John Daly   Precious Enenta (Didi)    Alberto Garcia   Lori Helig   Andrius Krasuckas    Marg Laing   Meng Li    Elina Ollila   Kaitlyn Ouverson   Leocricia Sabán
Other Contributors
Viviana Baldarelli   Kat Bell   Robert Belleman PhD  Joy Chiu   Olivia Chou   Julie Driver   Nathan Duker   Shea Elmore   Nuela Enebechi   Fredric Freeman   Craig Frehlich   Laura Garcia PhD  Regine Gilbert   Jonathan Giron   Santosh Gandhi   Dean Hodgskiss   Jerry Isdale   Erika Jin  Michael Kam-Barngrover   Seong-Jik KIM   Thomas Logan  Edwin Martinez-Velazquez   Ejaz Merchant Katherine Mimnaugh PhD   Roberto Montiel-Enriquez   Donal Moran   Ayomide (Dejavu) Olukoga  Tyrone Reece-Pieters    Chetanya Sachdeva   Ankita Sinha   Guy Stephenson