Category-based personas were developed so that all evaluators can have similar context going into an evaluation in a given use case. This will ultimately help maintain data consistency across our global and varied team. The personas give a simplified, holistic view of how the evaluator should approach the experience. For example, there are similar design patterns in experiences such as Quill or Google Blocks that are not as steep to learn if you are familiar with prototyping tools such as Adobe Creative Suite.

Eddy the Yoga enthusiast Eddy the Yoga enthusiast

Eddy is a yoga enthusiast who likes to improve his wellbeing, stay motivated and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He is curious and hopes this will improve his health, but is worried that he will struggle with the controls and drop out if he doesn't see improvement.

Consumer, health & wellbeing

Louis the Avid Reader Louis the Avid Reader

Louis likes to be entertained. He is an avid reader and wants to experience reading in VR and understand the story itself. He is worried about getting too immersed and tries to balance time spent in fantasy world.


Zendaya the Remote workerZendaya the Remote worker

Zendaya is fairly new to VR but she is curious to try alternative ways to meet and learn together with others. She gets frustrated when her progress is delayed or her experience is undermined by a poor internet connection.

Workforce collaboration

Katie the UX designerKatie the UX designer

Katie is an artist who is interested in using VR for prototyping. She wants to be able to create anything, and she is really excited about VR technology and using easy free tools to create prototypes of designs to share. She is concerned about her low vision and being able to put ideas into designs using complex VR controls.

Prototype & product design