White Papers

A Framework for Cataloging Interaction
Design Patterns in VR

Authors: Marina Rosellie and Suzan Oslin, ISMAR, October 20, 2022
Executive Summary

In this white paper we will discuss how VEIL set out to identify, catalog, and quantify immersive VR interaction design patterns and eventually evolved our study into a dynamic evaluation containing over 200+ questions dissected into 18 areas of focus (ie. interactions, presence, locomotion / viewport, comfort & ergonomics, etc.) documenting VR design patterns across multiple industries (ie. medical, games, narrative, educational learning, enterprise training, etc). This massive effort started with a team of 2 and grew into a total of 58 contributors from 19 countries, each bringing their own area of expertise and perspective.Here we will focus on the methodology of this study, the resources developed to keep our team aligned, the taxonomy we constructed specific to VR interaction design patterns and the flow / structure of our evaluation. Specifically, we will highlight how the taxonomy and evaluation structure itself became a detailed bible of considerations and potential design patterns that one can use to evaluate almost any VR experience. Our hope is for these tools to be used as a resource for the public.

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