Uncovering Virtual Interactions

We are an international vanguard of immersive media experts committed to revealing the secrets to creating virtual worlds that are natural, intuitive, and accessible to all.

A New Era of Interaction

As XR rapidly evolves, design and research practitioners need updated frameworks and documented best practices to create interactions that are meaningful and user friendly.

Surveying the VR Landscape

In our initial project, we are evaluating immersive design patterns in VR, building a catalog of interactions, and creating useful resources for designers and developers around the world.

Research Methodology

In our first initiative, the Immersive Design Pattern Study, VEIL seeks to investigate and document interaction design patterns throughout today's VR landscape as represented in 72 VR titles across 12 categories of use cases.

Each VEIL research pod comprises five evaluators who play through and document each VR title, and two analysts who summarize and catalog the results. Our custom-designed test cases are built to ensure each test session by individual researchers generates comparable data.

Our test platform, Qualtrics, enables dynamic logic and conditional questions, allowing highly differentiated titles to be explored in depth with a single evaluation form – further ensuring comparable data. We record our test sessions using OBS to provide consistent formatting of VR screen captures.

After capture and testing is complete, design patterns are identified and organized according to VEIL's proprietary Evaluation Framework. This custom evaluation framework, which was developed after months of study of existing VR interaction guidelines and iterative testing, allows titles to be characterized in terms of key VR metrics including usability, effectiveness, inclusivity, accessibility, and more.

When complete, the Immersive Design Pattern Study will result in one of the most comprehensive investigations of VR interaction to date.



VEIL is an international vanguard of immersive media experts committed to revealing the secrets of creating virtual worlds that are natural, intuitive, and accessible to all.

The team has a diverse range of skills, cultural perspectives, and life experiences. It evolved from a partnership between a practitioner and an academic researcher from opposite parts of the world and is organized around the free flow of ideas and open collaboration.

Featuring researchers from more than 15 countries across six continents, our experts have backgrounds ranging from user experience design to computer science, data science, entertainment, education, psychology, and entrepreneurship.

Driven by our collective passion for storytelling, design, and immersive technology, our shared objective is to learn as much as we can about the current VR landscape and build VEIL into a key resource for the XR industry.

Contribute your title

If you are a VR developer or producer and would like your title to be included in our research, you may submit an application to become a content contributor. In exchange for granting our team access to your title, VEIL will:

● Cite your company in any peer-reviewed publications.
● Include your company logo on the Veilab.org website
● Add your logo to our LinkedIn contributors post
● Post curated and tagged social media content about your title
● Provide a summary of our evaluation for your specific title inside of a div block.

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